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New Officials/Member Sign Up Instructions
The following are instructions on how to become a new official and a member of the Houston Chapter of Football Officials.

Step 1 – Pay TASO State Dues at

Step 2 – After you receive an ID number from  TASO, complete and submit the “New Member Application” below.

Step 3 – Pay your Chapter Dues through this link:  You will be able to pay your dues after you receive a TASO ID and the Chapter’s Executive Secretary sends you an email notifying you that your ZebraWeb account has been activated.

Step 4 – Attend training classes.  You will receive the training schedule from the Chapter’s New Member Training Coordinator


    *Required fields

    1. Be on Time!​
    2. Honor your commitments. If you get assignments show up. If a conflict emerges then help find a replacement.
    3. Recognize the importance of the games you are working to the Players, Parents, and Coaches​
    4. Represent yourself and the Chapter in a professional manner.​
    5. Look the part both on and off the field. Clean and neat uniforms. Take pride in your appearance.
    6. Ask Questions: you can not learn unless you get the information.
    7. Be a Sponge: rules, mechanics, officiating philosophies.
    8. Find a Mentor: a veteran official or a varsity crew.
    9. Find a new member “buddy”: study together, work together.
    10. Become an assigning secretary’s “Go to Guy”: the person he can always trust to help him out and do a great job.
    11. Go to clinics when possible to learn and improve as an official.
    12. Strive to get better every game.
    13. HAVE FUN!!!
    In order to earn points, call every sub-varsity game you can. Run the box, chains and clocks at varsity games (per your assigner). Inquire about serving as the “8th man” for a crew (which means that you would be the box person on the chain crew). By doing this, you will get your name out there among crew chiefs. Once a referee gets comfortable with you in your performance as a box man, there is a greater possibility of getting in a game as a sub. However, there is no substitute for getting on the field at all levels. Also, get all the education points you can and attend as many chapter meetings as possible.
    Try not to accept an assignment if you know that your work responsibilities will prevent you from making the game. If an unexpected work or other issue arises after you accept an assignment, please call your assigner and your fellow officials assigned to the game as soon as possible.
    Your uniform will cost approximately $200 and up depending on how elite you want your uniform to be.
    The date and location of Chapter meetings will be posted on the Chapter’s website calendar. In addition, the Chapter President and/or Executive Secretary will email Chapter members of the date and place of Chapter meetings.
    Yes. ZebraWeb keeps track of all of your assignments. There is a tab in ZebraWeb (Officials/Game Pay Notes) where you can record payments received for games worked. This is a good resource for when you report your officiating income on your federal tax return.
    The 2022 fee schedule can be found under the “Dues, Game Fees and Points” tab on the Home page.
    Varsity coaches meet each July for the Coaches Draft to select a Varsity crew for their upcoming season. The Chapter’s Board of Directors organizes and manages the Coaches Draft. During the morning session, the 6A and 5A games are randomly sorted for each Thursday, Friday and Saturday that a game is scheduled. The home and visiting team head coaches must agree on the crew chosen. Crews for all other public school games and the private school games are chosen in the afternoon of the Coaches Draft.
    Yes, Referee magazine is an outstanding magazine for officials of all sports and you can find out more at
    Obviously you must like high school football or you would not be here. You do not need to be an ex-player or coach to be a good official and have a memorable career. Being around student athletes and the game itself at all levels is very gratifying. You will meet new people and make lifelong relationships, not to mention great memories.

    Points are what you will need to advance in the Chapter’s Division rankings. You, as a new official are currently ranked as a Division 5 official.

    The following are each Division’s point requirements:

    Division 1 – 660

    Division 2 – 360

    Division 3 – 180

    Division 4 – 060

    Division 5 – 000

    ​There are three different categories for points; educational, game, and state meeting attendance.

    Educational Points

    Regional Clinics = 3 Points

    Each On Field Clinics = 5 Points

    Each District Meeting = 2 Points Each

    Test Score: <70 = 0 Points 70-78 = 4 Points 80-88 = 6 Points 90-100 = 8 Points

    (There is NO maximum for Educational Points)

    ​Game Points

    Scrimmages = 1 Point Each

    Chains/Clock = 1/2 Point

    Each Sub Varsity Games = 1/2 Point Each

    Varsity/College Games = 2 Points Each

    ​ State Meeting Attendance

    State Meeting Attendance = 6 Points

    Each 1 Hour Breakout Session = 1 Point

    ZebraWeb calculates your points based on your game assignments. At the beginning of the next season, your will be able to add your educational and State meeting points to your points sheet when you pay your Chapter dues. The number of points you earn depends solely on your effort.

    Dues: So now that you understand the points, it’s time to get a good understanding of the financial side of officiating. To start off, you will need to pay your State and Chapter dues. State dues can be paid when you fill out your initial here, and Chapter dues can be paid through ZebraWeb once you received your TASO ID. State dues are 40, while our Chapter dues are $60 for regular members and $45 for auxiliary members.

    After your dues are paid, you’re cleared to start your training and will begin to receive communications from our training coordinators and the rest of the Chapter. This is also a good time to purchase the equipment and uniforms you will need. The average cost of a uniform (including shoes) for a first year official is around $175. The approved uniform vendors can be found at, Member Services, Vendors.

    Game Fees: You’ve been trained, you have your gear, and it’s time for your first game. How much and when will you get paid for this game? Some schools use Arbiter Pay. You will need to set up an account at When you set up your account, make sure you set up a direct transfer to avoid any surcharges. Checks are typically mailed out from the schools 2-3 weeks after the date of the game. Pay will vary depending on how many games you have that day, where they are, and what you’re doing. Basically the pay scale goes like this:

    For Varsity assignments, pay is based on attendance at the game with minimum pay of $105 to $135.

    For Sub-varsity (including Junior High), the pay is $65 – $75, plus a travel fee, depending on whether it is a UIL (public schools) or TAPPS (private schools) game, the length of the game, and where you are working. For public schools, go to, Athletics, Officials Fees Schedule for more details. For private schools, go to, Resources, Officials

    Box and Chain assignments are paid $65 per game with no travel fee added.

    Clock assignments are paid $75 per game with no travel fee added.

    Assignor Fees: The season has come to an end, and now you are receiving emails from the assignors, requesting you pay them for your assignors fees. What are assignors fees and who are these guys? In the Houston Chapter, we have 7 assignors that handle the regions in our area. They are the ones that you must be in contact with to receive assignments. They are ready and willing to give you as many games as you can handle. But in order to be able to do this, they need to get paid just like you will. The fees are small at only a $1.50 for sub varsity games and $3 for a varsity assignment. At the end of the season, any games that you have worked will be invoiced to you by each assignor that you worked for.