Points, Fees and Other Helpful Items

It's your first day of training to become a new Football Official. You're going to be hit with a lot of information in a very short period of time. Thrown into all of this information, you will be told about Divisions, Points, Fees, and numerous other items that will only leave you with more questions. With this one page, hopefully most of your questions pertaining to those items will be answered. 


In short, points are what you will need to advance in division rankings. You, as a new official are currently ranked as a division 5 official. This mean that you have no points. You will have to work hard and continue to learn as much as you can right from the get go. 

The following are the point requirements to move up in Division.

Div 1 - 660

Div 2 - 360

Div 3 - 180

Div 4 - 060

Div 5 - 000

So now you have an understanding of how many points are required to get to the next level. But how do you get those points? For starters, there are three different categories for points; educational, game, and state meeting attendance. The following is a break down of those points.

Educational Points

Regional Clinics = 3 Points Each     On Field Clinics = 5 Points Each     District Meeting = 2 Points Each

Test Score: <70 = 0 Points     70-78 = 4 Points     80-88 = 6 Points     90-100 = 8 Points

(There is NO maximum for Educational Points)

Game Points

Scrimmages = 1 Point Each     Chains/Clock = 1/2 Point Each     Sub Varsity Games = 1/2 Point Each

Varsity/College Games = 2 Points Each

State Meeting Attendance

State Meeting Attendance = 6 Points     Each 1 Hour Breakout Session = 1 Point

These are the ways in which you will earn points that will move you up in Divisions. As you can see it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the top. But with the right goals and mindset, you will get there in what will seem like no time at all. Your Points sheet is turned into the Chapters Executive Secretary at the end of the season.  The number of points that you gets depends solely on you and your effort. As always, the Houston Chapter is working hard to stay ahead of the technological curve. With that being said, all points submissions must be done online. You are only allowed one submission, so make sure to check your math and points.

Once you have completed your first season, points for that year can be submitted online via the points sheet submission page HERE.

Fees, Dues and Other Costs

So now that you understand the points, its time to get a good understanding of the financial side of it. To start off, you're going to need to pay your state and local dues. State dues can be paid when you fill out your initial application here, and local dues can be paid by clicking here. State dues are 40, while our Chapter dues are 60 for prior members and 50 for new members.

After your dues are paid, you're cleared to start your training and will begin to receive communications from our training coordinators and the rest of the chapter. This is also a good time to go ahead and pick up the equipment and uniforms you will need. The average cost of a uniform (including shoes), for a first year official is around $175. 

You've been trained, you have your gear, and its time for your first game. How much and when will you get paid for this game? Checks are typically mailed out from the schools 2-3 weeks after the date of the game. Pay will vary depending on how many games you have that day, where they are, and what you're doing. Basically the pay scale goes like this:


For Sub-varsity including Junior High, the pay is $45 - $55 plus a travel fee depending on where you are working.

For Varsity assignments, pay is based on attendance at the game.

Box and Chain assignments make $60 per game with no travel fee added. 


Clock assignments make $70 per game with no travel fee added.

The season has come to an end, and now you are receiving emails from the assignors, requesting you pay them for your assignors fees. What are assignors fees and who are these guys? In the Houston chapter we have 7 assignors that handle the regions all across our area. They are the ones that you must be in contact with to receive assignments. They are ready and willing to give you as many games as you can handle. But in order to be able to do this, they need to get paid just like you will. The fees are small at only a $1.50 for sub varsity games and $3 for a varsity assignment. At the end of the season, any games that you have worked will be invoiced to you by each assignor that you worked for. 

Although it can seem really complicated at first, it all works itself out and you will definitely enjoy your time as an official. The cost is minimal and the overall experience is awesome. Just remember to have fun, absorb everything, and stay committed.