Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, all of these topics and more will be covered in more detail during the New Official’s Training Classes.



1. How long before I call varsity games?

Set yourself some reasonable goals. Reasonable goals with hard work and continuous participation would be:

Division V  -  Where you start - 0 Points

Division IV -  2 years - 60 Points

Division III -  5 years - 180 Points *

Division II  -  10-12 years - 360 Points

Division I   -  15-18 years - 660 Points

*As a Division III you should be calling some varsity games providing you are on a crew or are known among some referees.


2. How would I do this?

Call every scrimmage and sub varsity game you can. Run chains and every clock you can get assigned. By doing this you will get your name out there among crew chiefs and if possible volunteer as a “sixth man”. This is the box man on the chains for a varsity crew. Normally this person travels with the crew and is part of the pre-game. Once a referee gets comfortable with you in your performance as a “sixth man”, there is a greater possibility of getting in a game as a sub. However, there is no substitute for getting on the field at all levels. And, get all the education points you can. Also, attend as many chapter meetings as possible.


3. What if I have trouble getting off work to call sub-varsity games?

Unfortunately this will delay your progress in advancing upward through the divisions. In any event never accept any assignment if you cannot work it due to work or any other reason.


4. How much will my uniform cost?

Your uniform will cost approximately $200 and up depending on how elite you want your uniform to be. 


5. Where will the chapter meetings be held?

The chapter meetings are held on Mondays. The central location for meetings is the M.O. Campbell Educational Center in Aldine. Regional meetings are held at various locations throughout the city. There is an annual Rules Clinic held each June at the Campbell Center. TASO also has a state meeting held at different locations each year. The Rules Clinic, State Meeting, and the District 8 Meeting are all worth education points that will help you move up in division.


6. Should I keep records of all of my games, clock assignments, chains, etc.?

Yes, yes, yes! First you will need to report all income to the IRS and certainly you will want records to validate mileage, expenses, etc. But for your officiating career it is extremely important you keep records of your games for promotion purposes in elevating you to higher divisions.


7. How much will I get paid for sub-varsity games, clocks, chains, etc.?

This fee schedule will be provided to you separately. Regarding varsity games a set schedule for the officials working the game is determined by the gate receipts.


8. How are varsity officials chosen?

Varsity games are chosen by crew and the varsity coaches meet together each July and choose their crews for the upcoming season. At that general meeting attended by the Houston Board of Directors and all the head coaches in the greater Houston area, the entire schedule for each day of the season is posted by classification (6A, 5A, 4A, etc.). The sequence is determined by lot and that is the order the coaches pick. The 6A and 5A are done first. Then the lower classifications are selected together. The home team and the visiting team head coaches must agree on the crew chosen and a contract is signed by the coaches with the chosen officiating crew and each member of that crew by position listed. Later the crew chief, the Referee, signs the contract and the chapter returns both copies to each coach.


9. Are there any “officials” magazines available?

Yes, Referee magazine is an outstanding magazine for officials of all sports and you can find out more at


10. This seems like a lot of work just to call high school football games! Why should I do it?

Obviously you must like high school football or you would not be here. You do not need to be an ex-player or coach to be a good official and have a memorable career. Being around student athletes and the game itself at all levels is very gratifying. You will meet new people and make lifelong relationships, not to mention great memories.

11. Points, points, points! What are all of these points I keep hearing about, and what do I do with them?

Points are needed for you to move up in Divisional Rankings. You can learn more about points here.