BY HITTING SUBMIT, I certify that this information is true and correct and understand that TASO may verify all or any portion of this application.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: I understand and agree that:

1. In accepting game assignments from the Chapter, I am acting as an independent contractor.


2. I understand that I am protected by a Liability and Accident policy while a member in good standing of TASO. Coverage applies while conducting officiating activities and both subject to policy limitations and a deductible on the accident policy. The TASO website should be referred to for coverages and other conditions.


3. I will comply with all TASO and Chapter Policies and Procedures and understand that TASO at their discretion may conduct background checks.

4. Except as listed on the attached sheet or as previously disclosed and ruled on by the Disciplinary Appeals Committee, I certify that, except for minor traffic offenses punishable by fine only, I have not (1) been convicted of a state or federal misdemeanor or felony offense, (2) been arrested on a pending state or federal misdemeanor or felony charge, or (3) received deferred adjudication or other deferred sentencing for a state or federal misdemeanor or felony offense.