New Official Expectations

1. Be on Time!

2. Honor your commitments. If you get assignments show up. If a conflict emerges then help find a replacement.

3. Recognize the importance of the games you are working to the Players, Parents, and Coaches.

4. Represent yourself and the Chapter in a professional manner.

5. Look the part both on and off the field. Clean and neat uniforms. Take pride in your appearance.


6. Ask Questions: you can not learn unless you get the information.


7. Be a Sponge: rules, mechanics, officiating philosophies.


8. Find a Mentor: a veteran official or a varsity crew.


9. Find a new member “buddy”: study together, work together.


10. Become an assigning secretary’s “Go to Guy”: the person he can always trust to help him out and do a great job.


11. Know your place: a new official has a lot to learn from others. You don’t have all the answers (none of us do).

12. Go to clinics when possible to learn and improve as an official.

13. Strive to get better every game.

14. HAVE FUN!!!